08 August 2019

Xenos Xenagogy

There has been a lot of downsizing going on in my world.  We are selling our Portales home after moving a portion of our stuff to our house in Tucumcari and dumping the rest.  Although physically tired (I really never want to move again, but I have a reputation for doing it anyway), I have been working diligently to move my stories and writing to a new server and got nutty about creating a lot more content.  You can see the beginnings of the results at https://xenos.quix.us.  I call it the QuayLand Interchange Xenagogy, because it is fun to play with words that contain Qu, I, and X in them (you know, the domain name is quix.us).  You will just want to click on the link and see what is happening over there rather than leaving comments that I will never read here.  My "signature" writing can now be found at https://quix.us:70 and I have even revealed some lost tomes of mine that have recently been uncovered, such as 1998's Godsend and The Storms of October among a bunch more.

The most cool thing about the Xenagogy is that YOU can become a contributor to it, either by making comments on topics already written, or by creating pages yourself that are written collaboratively among the group.  We (the mouse in my pocket and I) are most interested in getting interesting insight and stories related to Xenos people, but we will see how things develop.