21 July 2024

A Convenient Biden Stroke is Coming

The Democrats need to engineer an equivalent polarizing event to counteract the political "bump" produced by the Trump assassination attempt, and get a complementary "bump" on the Democratic side.

I believe this will be a staged Biden "stroke". Already, all the scripts read how Joe has been a wonderful servant of the people for over 50 years. If he were to be incapacitated in the next few days or weeks, there would be a very satisfying outpouring of sympathy for the dutiful civil servant who nearly died in office, hopefully to overcome the gushing of patriotism that the botched Trump assassination elicited.

A "stroke" might even the polling score somewhat for the Democrats.

Of course, such an event (authentic or not) would trigger the 25th amendment to the Constitution and Kamala Harris could take up the flag most dramatically especially if Biden publicly topples and doesn't get up with the Vice president ready at his side. Keep an eye out if Joe keeps Kamala very close in public - they are staging a photogenic transition of power!

Given two horrible incidents very close to each other and election day, a "solemn" President Harris might choose to call for a delay of the election, especially to allow stretched emotions on both sides to subside. The Supreme Court may go along. I wouldn't be surprised if it was delayed by a year or more, not so much to quell political divisions, but allow Kamala to run as both the successor to the felled yet noble Biden and on her own presidential deeds.

Of course there is the thought of why Joe Biden would play along with a fake "stroke" and invoking the 25th. I can think of one compelling situation - a President Harris could pardon Hunter Biden and perhaps preemptively pardon Joe himself from future prosecution when more evidence of his abuses in office, in relation to securing foreign influence for enriching Hunter and others, surface. If this could be kept out of the press (easy matter for a sycophantic media), everything can be successfully and quietly swept under the rug.

At the end of the day, Joe Biden will be a glorified public servant and Kamala Harris will graciously take up the mantle of the presidency, a mantle to wield toward a much more-left-leaning socialistic/communistic agenda than previous administrations could manage.  "Progressive" leaders could move their agendas far more easily under a Harris administration and scoop up many young voters eager to punish the old and wealthy and transfer massive funds and power to themselves at the expense of liberty.

I write this in an effort to prevent such contrived events from occurring, if only by speaking the possible secret plans. May evil fail! 

13 July 2024

Joe is more Corrupt than he is Old

If the biggest issue with Joe Biden was his verbal gaffs and physical degeneration, that can be forgiven with his age. Personally, I want him and his ilk gone for their devotion to turning America into a weak dependency state that obeys the dictums of the government without resistance and destroys the economy to enrich the ruling class and guarantee permanent power to the current global elites.

In spite of what is said of Joe Biden's competency, his behavior is most likely upsetting the apple-cart of the powerful that he has served so faithfully for so many years, the people who made and maintain that "swamp" that Donald Trump speaks of. The current hysteria about Biden's fitness has more to do with his ability to sustain the practical enslavement of most of the American people to a dependency on government handouts and favors meant to buy votes. We need to convince more Americans that their votes and devotions cannot be bought with inflation-deflated counterfeit dollars deposited in their bank accounts by government agencies.

Enemies of Donald Trump scream that he is a evil man that will 'destroy democracy'. More likely, it is a selfish expression of fear among the powerful that the un-corrupted Trump will tear down the playhouse of their power elite masters, end their kick-back-profitable wars, and drain their human-weed-infested swamp as he tried to do in the past. Bureaucratic and judiciary attempts to eliminate the threat of what Trump may do to the existing deceit have largely failed to stop him and his comments that it would be much easier for him just to give up and go away ring all too true.  I thank God often that Donald Trump continues to fight his battle at great personal expense and prosecutions, which more than wins him my vote and support!
Joe Biden is, conversely, the proven defender of the corrupt government that has grown up over decades and the pandering less-than-champion of the 'green' communism that appeals so much to the younger narcissistic set. Unfortunately for them, he is less than able to produce the votes that was really his part of the evil pact with the elite rulers of the world to deliver American military might and riches into their hands. The agenda of global domination requires a steadier, more sure hand at the reins of American manipulation that the Democrats are scrambling wildly in these last few days to continue to hold. Joe's weak grip might lose his masters their demanded spoils.
I will be voting for Donald Trump again this November. Though I really like RFK Jr., he would make a far better Attorney General like his dad in a Trump administration, overseeing the swamp-draining which couldn't be accomplish last time. Dis-empowering the filthy slavers and their Biden-ist task-masters that have a choke-hold on this country may need to take first place in the next Trump administration, even above securing our borders.

10 July 2024

A Court that Tears down Kings

With the overruling of the "Chevron Deference" doctrine by the Supreme Court, the USA has a fighting chance to return to the proper federal governance established by our founding fathers and the necessary bickering among the three branches that allows greater freedom that comes from a severely limited federal government.

The ruling media is absolutely livid about this decision and portrays the now-curtailed bureaucracy (executive branch) from being less able to "protect" (lord over, in my mind) the "people" who can't seem to stand up for themselves as far as leftist reporters and commentators are concerned. I never needed some bureaucrat to fight battles for me - it is MY job to do that!

This was a wonderful judicial club to punish Congress more than any other branch. It is the vague legislation (often only half-written) that gets voted "yea" that created Chevron Deference in the first place. A giddy President signs stupid bills into laws and the bureaucratic machine goes into action creating a blizzard of rules and policies that service any number of needs, but mostly its own.  Ask any leftist if they agree that a bigger and more empowered bureaucracy is the best situation and you will hear an emphatic "yes!" Of course, a hulking Executive agency gets its power to control from the vaunted "people" they take that power from and a Congress that doesn't want to exercise any legislative control over anything they are responsible for. As an example, the President can only act as the "Commander-in-Chief" over the military when the Congress declares a war. Look at how many war-like things we have done, including invading and controlling Iraq for years, without even a peep about a war declaration from our flaccid Congress. Every President since World War Two (our last properly declared war) has strutted about with a puffed up chest and worn the shiny badge of "Commander-in-Chief" and been cheered by their supporters as such without any legislative authority to do so. Our military has swollen to huge proportions and budgets without either Congress or the Courts doing anything about their Constitutional roles to check such Executive audacity. The bureaucracy (much of it in uniform) loves their unrestrained power and Congress can tut-tut to placate their constituents and shovel money to their districts military bases instead of exercising any real restraint. What President doesn't revel in the God-like power Congress has gradually handed over to them, all in service to appeasing the desires of political parties to enjoy King-like executive "rule" with a sycophantic legislature doing their bidding in their turn.

My Leftist friends were very happy with a revisionist Court that worked arm-in-arm with a controlling bureaucracy, left to its own devices by blusterous Presidents who didn't really challenge them and fed money by a sniveling Congress in service to themselves rather than a populace the were supposed to at least nominally represent. All of this government playground fun is of course in service, by hook or by crook, to the shadowy power elites that control both business and government to suit their own ends.i

If there is only one thing for which Donald Trump should be praised and remembered, it should be for the use of his three opportunities to appoint new Supreme Court Justices, which was his constitutional duty to do.  He appointed justices that had records of defending the Constitution, which is their stated duty, rather than running cover for the united bureaucratic/Presidential/Congressional cabal that does Elite bidding, as previous justices seemed willing to do. The newest jurists have worked to reduce government to its proper size and power. With that limited scope, the people of the United States are free to be as our Founding Fathers envisioned, not controlled by some King and forced to do that King's whim, much as we have been under the thumb of American Bureaucratic controllers that dole out money and favors as we dance for them.

So, for this and other bench overrulings, I am grateful for a more originalist Supreme Court!

Sackcloth and Ashes in a Land of Plenty

One overarching element of the Book of Mormon record is something that many people call "the pride cycle", which is readily seen in the graphic of this post. A studied approach toward good is necessary from a large majority of a nation or people to get out the pride cycle once it has taken hold of a society.

If the current American people were on the cycle, I predict we would be somewhere between "Righteousness and prosperity" and "Pride and wickedness", leading to "Destruction and suffering".  In most measures, we have enjoyed a very long period of prosperity that was largely due to the righteousness and industry of previous generations. As we have largely abandoned the ways of our parents and grandparents, we are already beginning to pay the price in a fading prosperity. Few people deny that the children of today will have lives less pleasant than we have enjoyed. All of the economic indicators are going in the wrong direction and the "Pax Americana" that the world has largely enjoyed in decades past is replaced with the drumbeat of war on several fronts.
I don't really worry too much about the children. In spite of our world of mechanized compulsory schooling, depressing economics, and over-socialized, over-sexualized peer worship, these young people are amazingly resilient and resourceful and totally capable of overcoming the stupidity that my older generation has pandered to and pushed our children into. They have an obvious strength and ability to swing themselves into a permanent state of "Righteousness and prosperity" and to avoid our decadent "Pride and wickedness" before they are stuck with the "Destruction and suffering" that our foolishness will bring on.

Myself and my cohort seem the lot to be most concerned about. We ruined our society with LGBTQ+++ and DEI idiocy and we gave fuel to the fire of "climate" hysteria, among thousands of other lunatic ideas that we fat and lazy cretins are easily brought to think. We gave our disposable incomes and our largely disposable existences toward the missions of enriching oligarchs and worshiping ideologues, both promising much but rarely delivering anything worthwhile. This is at the root of our "Pride and wickedness", raising mere mortals to being our gods.
Even for us, there remains hope if we recognize our peril and spin ourselves about toward the state of "Humility and repentance", a recipe for joy provided by the likes of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.  The way for us to avoid getting stuck in the "pride cycle" is well preached by mounds of scriptural affirmations and the words of modern prophets and apostles. We need to access these saving resources and Christ's redemptive power (grace) and "shake off the dust" of this corrupt world we have helped to ruin and turn to the better living and example that the Divine has told us time and again to embrace.  God will readily forgive us our silliness as we change and turn to him!

I implore us all to get out of the "cycle" toward "Destruction and suffering" and return to the "Righteousness and prosperity" that God and his Christ have in store for us!

03 July 2024

The Cruel Threat that is DEI

The recasting of LGBT pandering and race-baiting into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a labor of cruelty and hatred and destruction against those who follow God and support the Natural Family.

Among the many adages that I try to follow, an apt one is to "Quit your job before you get fired". This means that I tend to leave employment if I feel that I can't make a good go of it. This also applies as I would eventually be fired for my "unacceptable" stance on DEI, no matter if I was doing good work or not, so I would need to quit before that firing can happen.

I have been feeling out recent job interviews for DEI leanings and ending the interviews early if it seems like my old-fashioned "color-blind" "treat everyone the same" sensibilities are not sufficiently compatible with potential positions. This often means that educational institutions and military contractors are off the table as employers, even though these have been my bread and butter for many years. I have gone from a trusted and respected employee to a potential lawsuit or HR nightmare in the face of DEI mandates.

It appears that I will need to work for myself or live off my pension (until they find some way to take that away) to remain true to my principles of supporting natural families.

24 ¶ No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?  
These scriptures say one cant serve God and mammon such as DEI, so I am going to serve God rather than clinging to jobs that demand my ascent to DEI loyalty and forces destroying faith in God and the natural family. It assures that one shouldn't worry about life, food, drink, and clothing as God will take care of these things as you remain true to him.

I see DEI mandates as a beginning step toward the mark of the beast, threatening permanent loss of employment to those like me who choose not to genuflect before the "special" demands of supposedly "aggrieved" groups. It is easy to foresee the day when a "rainbow card" or displaying some DEI mark will be necessary to buy food or get necessary government services - these are the next logical step in the cultural take-over of the West.

I am checking out of this madness and putting my fate in God's hands to provide for myself and my family. You might consider doing this as well, unless you have already embraced the DEI way.