10 July 2024

A Court that Tears down Kings

With the overruling of the "Chevron Deference" doctrine by the Supreme Court, the USA has a fighting chance to return to the proper federal governance established by our founding fathers and the necessary bickering among the three branches that allows greater freedom that comes from a severely limited federal government.

The ruling media is absolutely livid about this decision and portrays the now-curtailed bureaucracy (executive branch) from being less able to "protect" (lord over, in my mind) the "people" who can't seem to stand up for themselves as far as leftist reporters and commentators are concerned. I never needed some bureaucrat to fight battles for me - it is MY job to do that!

This was a wonderful judicial club to punish Congress more than any other branch. It is the vague legislation (often only half-written) that gets voted "yea" that created Chevron Deference in the first place. A giddy President signs stupid bills into laws and the bureaucratic machine goes into action creating a blizzard of rules and policies that service any number of needs, but mostly its own.  Ask any leftist if they agree that a bigger and more empowered bureaucracy is the best situation and you will hear an emphatic "yes!" Of course, a hulking Executive agency gets its power to control from the vaunted "people" they take that power from and a Congress that doesn't want to exercise any legislative control over anything they are responsible for. As an example, the President can only act as the "Commander-in-Chief" over the military when the Congress declares a war. Look at how many war-like things we have done, including invading and controlling Iraq for years, without even a peep about a war declaration from our flaccid Congress. Every President since World War Two (our last properly declared war) has strutted about with a puffed up chest and worn the shiny badge of "Commander-in-Chief" and been cheered by their supporters as such without any legislative authority to do so. Our military has swollen to huge proportions and budgets without either Congress or the Courts doing anything about their Constitutional roles to check such Executive audacity. The bureaucracy (much of it in uniform) loves their unrestrained power and Congress can tut-tut to placate their constituents and shovel money to their districts military bases instead of exercising any real restraint. What President doesn't revel in the God-like power Congress has gradually handed over to them, all in service to appeasing the desires of political parties to enjoy King-like executive "rule" with a sycophantic legislature doing their bidding in their turn.

My Leftist friends were very happy with a revisionist Court that worked arm-in-arm with a controlling bureaucracy, left to its own devices by blusterous Presidents who didn't really challenge them and fed money by a sniveling Congress in service to themselves rather than a populace the were supposed to at least nominally represent. All of this government playground fun is of course in service, by hook or by crook, to the shadowy power elites that control both business and government to suit their own ends.i

If there is only one thing for which Donald Trump should be praised and remembered, it should be for the use of his three opportunities to appoint new Supreme Court Justices, which was his constitutional duty to do.  He appointed justices that had records of defending the Constitution, which is their stated duty, rather than running cover for the united bureaucratic/Presidential/Congressional cabal that does Elite bidding, as previous justices seemed willing to do. The newest jurists have worked to reduce government to its proper size and power. With that limited scope, the people of the United States are free to be as our Founding Fathers envisioned, not controlled by some King and forced to do that King's whim, much as we have been under the thumb of American Bureaucratic controllers that dole out money and favors as we dance for them.

So, for this and other bench overrulings, I am grateful for a more originalist Supreme Court!