10 June 2018

Will You Be Found Wanting?

Do you remember this quote?
You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.
That is classic Count Adhemar from the memorable A Knight's Tale movie. This film was actually in contention to be a "Sunday" movie, a distinction in our family that the subject matter of a film made it appropriate for Sabbath viewing. It never made it to the third drawer (where Sunday movies live), but I find myself pondering the theme of the movie on a Sunday morning.

It reminds me that God gives us standards upon which we will ultimately be judged. I did an essay on this subject a while back.  The movie quote is actually adapted from Daniel 5:27, where the Jewish prophet Daniel interpreted a divine message of doom to the final Babylonian king. God judged the king and he will also judge each of us through something like a weighing and a measuring.  I suppose a good question is this: Will you be "found wanting"?

In the movie, William Thatcher wanted to "change his stars" and do more than his lowly birth allowed. With a fortuitous opportunity and a lot of work, he styled himself Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein and worked diligently to become the premier jouster. Early on, his antagonist Adhemar found Ulrich "wanting" or an unworthy competitor. By the end of the film, places had changed and the knighted William unhorses the odious Adhemar, winning the world championship. The "Sunday" theme? - You actually can better yourself! In contrast to the new western "virtue" of militantly saying that you are just fine the way you are, it remains far more impressive to others and to God to make needed improvements and to actually become a better person.  In fact, God expects us to improve and warns that a measurement of that improvement is coming.  Again, will you be found wanting?

I will bring up again my foolishly-titled Psychic Proximity Principle essay and the Feeding the Soul of Steve Jobs booklet that expands upon it. God wants you to move closer to your highest potential and he will gently lead you toward it through the concept of weak magnetic attraction. God has a wonderful reward ready for you but you have to be moving forward on the road toward your potential to merit it.

Unlike A Knight's Tale, the effort toward God's reward is not a game with one winner and a load of losers - every participant can meet the standard! You don't have to be amazing or have impressive titles or awards to win the prize. Being smart or fast doesn't count in this race; continuing effort and persistence do count and everyone, no matter your initial abilities or circumstances, can do these. What I am saying is that you can absolutely measure up!

Don't be worried about watching this movie on the Sabbath - it has important lessons that God wants you to learn and to apply in your life. You can most certainly "change your stars" and win the ultimate championship that is beyond price and lasts forever.  Go for the gold!

04 June 2018

Regarding Shayna/Shay/Seamus

Hello, my name is Jason Nemrow and I am the father of the person you may know as Shayna or Shay or Seamus.

Thank you for being friends and mentors to my child!

I see evidence that my child has shared with others the fact that she desires to change sex and that many wonderful people are supportive of this in various ways.  I therefore feel comfortable in contributing to the discussion of this matter and in broadcasting my information sufficiently to reduce any misconceptions. I do this only in the hopes that proper evaluation and effective assistance can be rendered to my child under circumstances of a more full disclosure. I do this without the prior knowledge or consent of my child or other members of the family and I understand that this may ruin any relationship we still retain. I am willing to do this in the hope that others who are more fully informed might help Shayna/Shay/Seamus find the true peace and authentic healing that wasn't forthcoming in the past.

I am concerned that my child is seeking help to alter sex from very nice people while perhaps not being forthcoming regarding past issues with deception. I would not be surprised if my child has told stories designed to elicit your help that feature my terrible parenting, which I am not here to dispute.

I would humbly request that you help my child resolve long-standing and systemic mental health and honesty issues before rendering any further assistance with physical and chemical sexual alteration. My child has had episodes of very-involved deception and I am concerned that she may be using gender dysphoria as a "cover" to avoid dealing with character flaws and other issues.  May I provide a few examples that you may want to address with my child prior to your continuing and generous help with and support for sex change?

(Please forgive my slips into gendered pronouns - at the times of these incidents, my child identified as a woman, which is her biological sex.)

My child spread stories as an adult that I was her step-father who withheld the love and resources that her natural father wanted her to have.  I am her biological father.

My child told an employer that her grandmother had died. At the time, both of her grandmothers were alive.

My child told several people in college that she was losing her hearing and procured a hearing aid to corroborate this. Upon later examination by an audiologist, it was confirmed that she could hear fine and that she was attempting to deceive the various tests being administered.

Although I can provide more anecdotal examples where my adult child masked the truth and intricately worked to substantiate each masking, I can provide documentation of the above facts. I leave it to you to ascertain, by your own means, my child's motivations in deceiving others in these cases and their relevance in the matter of a desire to change sex.

I am not writing to you to discredit my child or perceptions of the past.  Like you, I believe that my child is in need of continuing help and support toward authenticity and I hope my child can find such assistance. My purpose in writing is to implore you wonderful people who only have my child's best interest at heart to proceed carefully as you assist my child and understand that my child's desire to change sex may not be as straight-forward or "honest" as described to you.

I beg you to continue to help my child in positive ways where my family lacked the resources to do so. My only request is that, as you assist my child, proper evaluations are done to establish that a change of sex is an effective treatment for the historical issues to which my child has suffered and may continue to suffer.

Thank you so much for your concern and love so freely given to Shayna/Shay/Seamus.  If I can assist you in any way concerning this matter, I am at your disposal.