29 October 2023

Day 15 US Transit Lounge Dublin JFK Atlanta

Hanging out to fly home. 
First time in NYC 
Atlanta to Albuquerque 

28 October 2023

Day 14 Waterford tour Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny castle 

24 October 2023

Day 10 Lisa's Day Off in Galway

A new watch, a ring, and sending more Aran wool clothes home.

Fine lunch at Sonny Molloy's Bar and Restaurant

21 October 2023

Day 7 Edinburgh

Not quite Edinburgh but close.
Not sheep but rocks
16 Regents road Edinburgh 

20 October 2023

day Six Babet fondles Pitlochry Dundee

Rainy at Atholl Palace
and we discover Brenna's next job, Chocolatier!

 tay river ship at Dundee
The oil industry

18 October 2023

Day 4 Colloden Battlefield Sheepdogs Cairngorm

Couldn't figure out Robb heritage.  there is not much of a wool market and highland cattle are useless, he keeps one as a pet.
shopping in Cairngorm

17 October 2023

16 October 2023

Day 2 on Loch Lomond

 Rob Roys Cave and the Macfarlands on the shores of Loch Lomond.  Willie serves the hot chocolate on the cruise. Sleeping at Glencoe at Ballachulish Hotel, which has been here a long time and has a creaky yet distinct suspended staircase.

15 October 2023

Day 1 at the Museum

 Very old stuffed animals and paintings from the Glasgow Boys.