15 August 2019

Family Sovereignty: Voting Together

My wife and I vote the same way these days.  We have decided to work together as a couple in political matters. The same philosophy holds for families as well - only as we work together can the family have any power.  It is a bit tricky with me being a classical liberal of the Jefferson flavor and Lisa being a Reagan conservative, but I typically give in and vote her way because I love her more than I love my personal politics.  Besides, my candidates always lose anyway.

The womens' rights movements was not really an attack on the notions of toxic masculinity or domineering patriarchy, it ended up being an attack on the family as a cohesive unit.  The best families of the past would come together and cast the one vote of the father after deciding what the husband and wife thought on the question.  Far more likely, the wife would tell her husband how to vote, threaten to deny him her bed if he didn't comply, and the man would say he voted as she demanded, no matter exactly how he had cast the ballot! For hundreds of years, this was how things worked as a matter of course. As women were given their own vote and encouraged to make choices independent of other family members, they can and do great harm to necessary family unity. Women and men going their own way (the trendy MGTOW) are basically self-defeating - the power is in unity in the relationship, not doing "your own thing".

Solution:  Make sure both votes cast by the adults in your family are agreed upon, therefore doubling your voting power rather than canceling it out.