02 May 2022

"The Priest" is my Pronoun

There is much ado about pronouns these days.  Some rather inconsequential countries have even written laws about who defines personal pronouns, what are proper pronouns, and the punishments inflicted if uninformed bystanders dare to use the wrong reference, even ignorantly. I think we will see that governments which behave in this way will all be cast as foolishly inconsequential going forward and be largely ignored. 

As GUS (Government of the United States) consumers will soon be denied food for non-compliance, I will be using the following pronoun to placate the howlers:  the priest.

I know.  You say that isn't a pronoun. Are you really injecting logic at this time in this environment?  "Zim" and "zey" weren't pronouns five years ago, but be prepared for the screaming if you don't acknowledge them as pronouns today.  I can be just as creative as any other rainbow-haired howler.  Besides, "the priest" fits in any given pronoun-ed sentence. Try it anywhere you would use a pronoun and it works and it's actually good grammar to boot.  That makes it a pronoun in any sense to which I am aware.

Better than giving ourselves our own names and pronouns, we should let those who know us well (our parents?) do it instead - an arcane concept. God gave me "the priest" designation as a descendant of the biblical Aaron and who am I to question the understanding of a deity concerning my heritage and responsibility?

Even better, this sort of a pronoun also speaks to a higher state to which I can aspire.  If one can attach themselves to such a term, would one not be riddled with guilt and shame, yet strive to meet the expectation? I should want to be a good priest, one that brings honor and praise from God. This is much better than a pronoun that simply implies existence or something as modernly banal as gender.

As a counterpoint to modern ignominy, I offer some reasonably modern words from God:
Doctrine and Covenants 88
35 That which breaketh a law, and abideth not by law, but seeketh to become a law unto itself, and willeth to abide in sin, and altogether abideth in sin, cannot be sanctified by law, neither by mercy, justice, nor judgment. Therefore, they must remain filthy still.
I added the emphasis to help us see that as we seek to alter God's commands and perhaps set up one's own set of commandments, promised blessings and a happy afterlife will not follow. I find the term "filthy" especially appropriate to our day.

To speak on the subject of pronouns and names a bit more, people should be far more worried about bringing honor to the name that their parents gave them. Whether it is some family first name or the last name they have.  Far too many seek to redefine themselves by changing their name, basically tearing themselves from their own family, familial love and honor.

If people are going to throw aside convention, family, and perhaps God, at least let them create pronouns and names toward a higher purpose rather than pointless navel-staring.