21 November 2019

The Letter from James (James 1 - 5)

After all the elaborate writing of Paul, I always find the epistle of James to be a wonderful and understandable respite, except for the fact that James highlights many principles of behavior and living on which we need to be working!

Here is a bit of a list that I came up with.  Surely, all of you could come up with better lists, given how "meaty" James is!

  • It is better to be a "low" person with afflictions than a rich man living in ease. (1:9-11)
  • Everyone is tempted (not just "bad" people) - it is how we endure temptations that matters (1:12-15)
  • Actually being and doing good is much better than hearing and talking about doing good. (1:22-25)
  • Pure Religion - visit the fatherless children and widows - sounds like ministering! (1:27)
  • You shouldn't treat people differently, rich or poor. (2:1-9) 
  • You can't pick and choose the laws you keep, you have to keep them all. (2:10-12)
  • "...faith without works is dead..." (2:17-26)
  • Be careful and thoughtful of what you say (I need to work on this one) (all of chapter 3)
  • Lusting leads to war (4:1-5)
  • Be humble and resist evil (4:6-10)
  • Don't spend your life acquiring riches. (5:1-6)
  • Be patient in doing good and following the Lord until he comes (5:7-20)
Hopefully, you can come up with better specifics on how to be!