05 March 2015

Being Slow and Late

I am the tortoise and I don't know if there is any virtue in it...

I am realizing that I am a slow person and that, when it comes to life's accomplishments, I am typically running a bit late.  As the years pass, I notice my colleagues and my supervisors are getting younger and younger in comparison to myself. They seem certainly to have accomplished far more and moved up the "ladder of success" earlier in life than I did and it is a little depressing.  In this break-neck-paced world, I can't even begin to keep up!

I take consolation in the fact that, in the eternal scheme of things, it really doesn't matter how long your personal development takes as long as you are on the right road, you are faced in the right direction, and you are moving forward. To be early about things is an advantage surely, but the reward it still the same - if you continue on, you will reach the destination of God's exaltation.